Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ferlin?!?! Swing West Vol 2 - Guitar Slingers (Razor & Tie, 1999)

So... a couple of months ago I was listening to the radio & was absolutely floored by a version of  Duke Ellington's 'Caravan' that totally sounded like something Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant would've cooked up. Said song was credited to none other than Ferlin Husky, who, while the singer of one of my fave country novelty songs of all time, has not ever been known for his guitar prowess. Hmm.

I had to purchase this awesome, sadly out of print cd to ascertain that a sadly UNKNOWN Nashville session guitarist (along with steel player Curly Chalker) put down this smoking & previously unreleased tune during a 1965 Ferlin Husky recording session.

Enjoy the entire cd - and here's the highlight:

'Ferlin Husky' - Caravan

And as a bonus here's Ferlin singing his ode to Eli - Eli, NOT Joe - the camel:

Ferlin Husky - Eli the Camel

And, double bonus, another wonderful cover from an oft-maligned player.  Totally different style but who cares!

Chet Atkins - Walk Don't Run (originally from Hi-Fi In Focus, 1957)

UPDATE 03/17/2011 - R.I.P., Ferlin

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Satan Go Away! Scat! Seriously, right this minute! Dude, I am talking to YOU!

By request, here's a nice OOP compilation of Frank Guida productions.
Highlights include the Gary U.S. Bonds number referenced in the post title, yet another song about an ugly girl by Jimmy Soul, the maudlin 'Last Phone Call' by Lynn Earlington & a very nice straight soul song by The Soul Cop, who may or may not be Lenis Guess.

UPDATE 2/20/11 - Thanks to commenter doggett, we now know that the Soul Cop is in fact Oliver Christian.  Thank you, doggett!!!

@320, no scans

Nick, I hope you enjoy! [And everyone who somehow found their way to this sorry excuse of a blog should immediately go visit Nick's totally awesome site!]

VA - Frank Guida Presents The Norfolk VA. Rock 'n' Roll Sound (Ace, 1994)

get it here