Monday, November 15, 2010

Dredd Foole & the Din - Take Off Your Skin (PVC, 1987)

By request for Jeff Din/Sun.


Update 11/18: The awesome Brushback alerted me to this equally awesome interview with Jeff Weigand. So, also for Jeff, here's one of my very favorite Volcano Suns songs - play LOUD (ideally before or after Death of Samantha's 'Coca Cola & Licorice' to complete your mid-80s Homestead-centric listening nirvana):

And 2 songs that I totally overplayed in the waning months of 2001 & still put on every other work mix that I make :

See y'all later -


Brushback said...


Anonymous said...

Well holy crap. Thanks for this.

jeff weigand said...

holly...than you so very much...have not heard this in years! grat that folks can have access to it as well as it has been dead so long...good feeling to finally have the record again! jeff

Jerry Orbach said...

Holly, I didn't realize you had a blog going. I hope you plan on posting more things like this. I still think he's super under rated though it seems like the cooler Free-Folk beardos from a few years back started to champion him.

Holly said...

Jerry, if I keep up with my current vicious posting schedule you can expect to hear from me ....sometime in 2011 ;-)

Once I'm able to leave one of my 2 'pay the bills' jobs I'll try and be more productive. I have lots to share!