Monday, March 14, 2011

I am NOT a Tri-stater vol 1

First in what may be a continuing series featuring Connecticut-based bands that Brushback hasn't yet discussed.  Why? Why not!  I need a schtick.

First up, the Five Satins, hailing from New Haven.  Everyone knows the classic  In the Still Of The Night, but my favorite song by the Five Satins is the following much more soulful & upbeat number, released by Roulette in 1964. I love this song. LOVE it.  Almost as much as I love the best pizza in America, also from New Haven.  But I digress.

The Five Satins - You Can Count On Me (Roulette, 1964)

And another song I love, also from 1964.  These songs are meant to be placed together on as many feel-good mixtapes as possible.  This goes out especially for Rockin' Jeff, who recently posted a later cover version from his amazing collection of 45s.

The Tams - What Kind of Fool [Do You Think I Am] (ABC, 1964)

The Tams are not from Connecticut. The Tams are from Georgia, but are best known as  mainstays of the Carolina beach music scene. Did you know that they took their name from the Tam o'shanter style of hat that the group chooses to wear on stage? Neither did I. Thanks, Wiki!  Anyway, that opening flute reminds me of a third song that needs to be included in this imaginary mix.  ALSO from 1964 (honestly, this was not planned). Taken from one of the best box sets ever:

this is a picture of the reissue, not the original box set

Sam Cooke & the Soul Stirrers - Oh Mary Don't You Weep (SAR, 1964)

 That "drownded" gets me every time.

Sam Cooke was not from Connecticut, nor was his brother L.C.  But L.C. did put out a fantastic song that completes this evolving set nicely -and guess what - it's from 1964. Spooky!

L.C. Cook(e) - Put Me Down Easy (SAR, 1964)

Don't you feel all warm & fuzzy now?  The only thing better than listening to these songs would be listening to these songs while eating the meal of my dreams, below:
Pepe's White Clam Pie
If anyone's ever traveling from New Haven to Durham and wants to make a girl's dreams come true, please let me know!

Y'all have a nice day.


Brushback said...

I saw the Five Satins once, in a high school gym about 8 years ago. At least I think it was them.

Rockin' Jeff said...

Thanks for the shout out!
The original WHat kind of fool is somethting special. I posted a Five Satins tune a few weeks back too. The flip of in the still of the night.
Check it out if you missed it:

Brushback said...

Oh, by the way, don't ever go to any of the other Pepe's besides the one in New Haven (they've opened up restaurants in a couple of other towns recently). Apparently only the original Pepe's is any good.

Holly said...

I would NEVER go to any location but Wooster St. Hell, I've only been the Spot once, and that under duress!

Back to the music - if anyone actually watched the 5 satins clip -doesn't the 3rd satin from our left seem VERY displeased? I keep waiting for him to give the finger to someone.

Howdy said...

I always have been a fan of the Tams Cover of What Kind A Fool. Great Choice!!

thomasherrod said...

Holly, you're so involved now. Or I'm late to notice!? Some nice posts Had not heard the 5 Satins, nice.
Also like all the Sar label stuff. I worked for a record store here in SF for many years and there were a few old guys who did/do hang out in front of the shop. One of which is my friend Henry who grew up in Chicago with Sam's Brother L. C.
Always some good stories.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Holly - you're on a roll! I'd not heard the Five Satins tune and you know I love black gospel, so thanks. Marie (Too lazy to sign in.)

Anonymous said...

Holly, is it just me or do people have to sign in to DivShare now to "do the deed"?

Holly said...

Marie -

Not just you. :-(

Anonymous said...

Marie, for Pete's sake why do you keep activating and deleting your blogs? Put 'em up and leave 'em up, or nuke 'em altogether. But stop jerking around.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Marie, what gives? Your blog is up. Your blog is down. Up. Down. Up. Down. More frequently than a streetwalker's drawers. Let it be, or let it not be, for the love of Pete!!

Holly said...

Hi anonymous Pete-lover -

While I'm pleased you're here, please chat w Marie on one of her own blogs. I keep getting over excited about all this commentary ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but what I do with my blogs is my own business. Do I tell anyone else how to run theirs? If you have something to say, why not sign your name instead of hiding behind anonymous?

Holly's right - when I'm open, leave a disgruntled comment on my blog. Marie