Saturday, January 14, 2012

For The Sake of ...Howe Gelb

Quite a while back Ramone666, proprietor of the most excellent For The Sake Of The Song, asked if  I had a "Best of 2011" list.  Nope. No, I don't.  I wouldn't know where to start, or stop.  But as I've mentioned over on his site, I do love all things Howe Gelb, including the great 2011 lp Alegrias.  So as a very belated Winter holiday present for everyone, and especially Sr. Ramone, here is a digital copy of the very first Gelb-related music I ever purchased, the third 7" by the pre-Giant Sand Giant Sandworms.  I read a good review in Bucketfull of Brains (my bible at the time) & there ya go!
Here's the a-side:

Giant Sandworms - Don't Turn Away (One Big Guitar 001, 1986)

The b-side isn't really all that, but completists such as myself will want it anyway.  Plus I threw in a bonus picture of Howe with cats.  Get the whole thing here.

Happy 2012!


Gary said...

Nice. Very updated-Joy Division-y feel to it

Ramone666 said...

Most kind & much appreciated. Cheers!

Gary said...

Hey Holly, are you in touch with Owl Qaeda? It looks like Holy Warbles is down. I know he lost a lot in the Megaupload action, but do you know if he decided to take his blog down? I'm worried about him.

Anonymous said...

They closed down the Owl's blog!

Holly said...

Blogger did indeed take down out good friend owl's blog due to "repeated copyright infractions" - they received a new claim yesterday.

They did not take down the man himself, & he is fine.

Anyone who missed a specific offering at owl's feel free to contact me, there's good chance I can help ;-)