Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy 2nd, Max!

And for his Dad & Mom, as well as any of y'all with kids of a certain age:

Samuel L Jackson - Go The F*ck To Sleep


gilhodges said...

Let the wild rumpus start!

yotte said...

LOVE IT! Happy B-Day, Max!!!!

I wonder... Does a bear squatting in the woods make a sound?

Flash Strap said...

Happy day to you, little friend!

Gary said...

That is a very small person!

Happy birthday!

M GR said...


Electric Looser said...

Is he little man,Iggy's Fun???Wow!!
Happy Birthday Max.
I'm sorry for being late to answer.

앤서니 said...


btw... i *finally* posted that 2nd claudine chirac 7". got a BIG extensive film post coming up... keep an eye peeled for this one: it took a lot of work and research!

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly,

A lot of blogs have made a comeback but we are still missing one person!
Maybe little ''Big'' man Max knows something about Mr. Owl?

Holly said...

If Max knows anything, he's not telling ;-)

I know nothing except that friend Owl is alive & well. I miss him too.

whiteanduptight said...

ahhh... what a cutie patootie! :) happy birthday max!

well, we have lost our dear jillem once again. :(
if you happen to hear anything if he's up & running again, can you please let us know!

and i love "goo the F to sleep"! i had first heard it about a year ago, but your post just reminded me of it again!

whiteanduptight said...

p.s. still no news on sir owl? i still miss him, too...

sir owl, if you see this, can please you give us an update on how you are? we all still miss you and you are still in our hearts.